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                                I began dancing when I was four, and grew up singing and performing                                       everything from folk and rock, to classical and art songs. Eventually I                                           merged my love of both singing and dancing in a career in musical theatre,                                   playing leading roles on Broadway, across the U.S., and abroad, including:                                     Rosa Bud in the Broadway production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood,                                         Maria in the International Tour of West Side Story, Tuptim in the National                                 Tour of The King and I starring Rudolf Nureyev, Queen Anne (cover) in                                     The Three Musketeers on Broadway, The Mistress in Evita (European Tour),                                 Nellie in Adam Guettel’s Floyd Collins, Christine in Phantom, Louise in Gypsy, Philia in Forum, and Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance; and I originated roles in shows by Craig Lucas, Elizabeth Swados, Tom O’Horgan, Paul Scott Goodman, Dan Lipton and David Rossmer, Kim Sherman, David Wolfson, Jane Shepard, and others. 


At the same time, I continued to work in the music industry, where I've performed or recorded

with Michael Buble, Ben Harper, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, Enya, Vonda Shepard, Bernard Fowler, Larry John McNally, Eric Andersen, Tom Freund, Dan Navarro, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Postell, Little Blue, Paul Barrere, Lili Haydn, Rosemary Butler, Chris Emerson, Ciaran Sheehan, and others. Other recordings include the Mistress on Evita Highlights (Polydor Records), and numerous film scores: Michael Collins (Elliot Goldenthal, composer), Practical Magic (Michael Nyman, original composer), Mixed Nuts (George Fenton, composer), Jumping at the Boneyard (Steve Postell, composer), Temporary Shelter (Brett Rader, composer), Dying to Know (Steve Postell, composer). I perform regularly as a member of the Night Train Music Club, and I continue to write and record my own material. 


Throughout my performing career I've practiced Pilates, which I began teaching in 2001. I've also studied Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, The Franklin Method, Ideokineses, Thompson Bodywork, Yoga, Physical Therapy techniques, Continuum, and Mindfulness Meditation, and I incorporate elements of all these mind/body disciplines into my teaching (click here for Inegrative Pilates bio).

completed training in Jeanette LoVetri's Somatic Voicework™, The LoVetri Method in 2013, and

in 2015 I was invited to Shenandoah Conservatory's CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute to teach my course The Body Sings™, which I designed for singers, actors, voice teachers, and speech pathologists, as part of Jeanie's post-certification program. I became a Guest Faculty member of The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music during both the 2017

and 2018 seasons, presenting lectures on Somatic Bodywork and teaching individual and group sessions. I contributed to The Thompson Method of Bodywork and am a contributing author in two chapters of The Vocal Athlete: Application and Technique for the Hybrid Singer (2nd edition), Plural Publishing. I attended Princeton University and the Mannes College of Music.



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