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Integrative Pilates
When we understand our body's functional design and attune to its native intelligence instead of overriding it, as we are so often conditioned to do, we open new pathways to growth and healing.

SESSIONS:     One hour private sessions designed to meet

                        your specific needs and longterm goals. 


LOCATION:    My studio 

                        Your home 

                        Online          (Includes complimentary online meeting to set up 

                                                         your device / workout area prior to initial session)                   



                        Review of your comprehensive health history.

                        Discussion of any areas of focus or concern.

                        If needed, and with your consent, consultation with            

                        your physician or physical therapist.


EQUIPMENT: All sessions include matwork with and without props,

                        which recreate the challenges and benefits of the                                         Pilates machines. My studio is equipped with the                                           Reformer, Cadillac, mats, and a wide array of props.    

                        For home or Skype sessions, if you would like to                                           purchase props and/or machines, I will guide you in

                        finding the best fit for you and your space.



                        For inquiries or scheduling:                          





Suzan has been teaching since 2001. Her mind/body practice integrates Pilates' method and principles with elements from the Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, The Franklin Method, Ideokineses, Yoga, Thompson Bodywork, Physical Therapy, Continuum, and Mindfulness MeditationShe tailors her sessions to meet the goals and needs of the individual, with particular focus on core strength, alignment, healthy body mechanics, breath control, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Suzan works with clients of all ages and abilities, addressing everything from general fitness to the specialized needs of athletes, equestrians, pre & post-natal moms, breast cancer survivors, people suffering with chronic conditions, and performing artists: dancers, actors, singers, and instrumentalists.

Suzan founded the Pilates program at Gym Hampton in Long Island, NY, and has taught at numerous studios and gyms in NYC. She was a private instructor for six       years at the Reebok Sports Club/LA-NY, and helped integrate their Pilates program into their Mind/Body Center, where it became one of the Sports Club LA's most successful departments nationwide. Suzan maintains a private clientele in both NY

and LA, and practices worldwide online via Zoom, Facetime or Skype. 

Suzan was a Guest Faculty member at Shenandoah Conservatory's CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute in 2015, where she taught her course The Body Sings, as well as private sessions. In 2017 she joined the Guest Faculty of The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music as their Somatic Bodywork expert, lecturer, and individual instructor, and she remains active in their community. 


Suzan received her Pilates Certification at the Greene Street Studio in NYC with Deborah Lessen, co-founder of the Pilates Method Alliance. She received her 

Master Teacher Training with the Pilates Sports Center and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Suzan studied Functional Anatomy and numerous related trainings with Anatomy/ Kinesiologist Irene Dowd, and has completed all Levels of Somatic Voicework™: The LoVetri Method. Suzan attended Princeton University and the Mannes College of Music.


“ Suzan is a maestro of the body.  She is a careful, traditionally trained yet innovative Pilates instructor possessed of so much skill and knowledge that she seems to see every nuance and know a way to work with it or around it.  Highly trained and personally accomplished, I feel like my Skype hour with her

is a visit to the best personalized body-spa appointment.” 

 -, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


Suzan Postel The Body Sings

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